Where can I take my engagement photos in DC?

The Washington District of Columbia has one of the most distinguishing views in the nation. From the historical white-columned architecture in capitol hill to Rock Creek's mysterious greenery, there are tons of places for couples to go for engagement photos. I have seen SO MANY blogs that include places in Virginia and Maryland, so I decided to share a list of my favorite places to shoot within the District of Columbia:

1. Lincoln Memorial 

What screams DC louder than the Lincoln Memorial? The Lincoln memorial is spacious and beautiful enough that no matter what angel the pictures are taken, it is almost always elegant and classy. Many photographers visit this place before sunrise to capture the reflection pool, capitol building, and the Washington monument all in one picture. One tip I have for couples and photographers is to be there as early as possible to avoid tourists. 

2. Constitutional Hall  

Since top.1 is the Lincoln Memorial, and I have mentioned that the mall area can be very crowded, a great alternative to showcase the beauty of Washington D.C. is the constitutional hall. Couples can dress up and walk up the stairs and strike a power pose or simply walk on the paths surrounding by trees and allow the photographer to capture the DC street views.  

3. National Cathedral 

One of my favorite places to take pictures. It is so majestic and elegant. The architecture adds mysteriousness and makes you look like the shoot took place at a European castle. 

4. Blagden Alley

If you go on Instagram and search for this location, you will see many people posing in front of the "rainbow wall". The rainbow wall background is of course very cool, but the Blagden Alley has a lot more to offer. Find a good photographer who has the eye to discover beauty every unnoticeable corner one finds, because the Blagden Alley is full of small details and graffiti for one to express their creativity. 

5. Meridian Hill Park 

Meridian Hill Park is a structured urban park conveniently located near U Street, Columbia Heights, and Adams Morgan in Washington, D.C. The unique architecture allows photographers to express their creativity.

6. City Center

City Center is in downtown Washington D.C. Chinatown area, consisting of luxury stores and diverse restaurants. The reflections of the make surrounding buildings create the perfect lighting. The design of the shopping center changes every season each year. 

7. Rock Creek Park       

In my opinion, Rock Creek Park is the most underrated place for picture-taking in the neighborhood of Columbia Heights, DC. The trees here are beautiful and should totally be taken advantage of if the photographer is trying to create a mysterious lost-in-the woods vibe. The forest is often overlooked by local photographers since the creek has a beautiful stream with big rocks. 

8. Kennedy Center

It doesn't get much prettier than this. The gold columns and willows create a great composition of a image. You can never go wrong with his location.

9. Georgetown Waterfront 

The Georgetown Waterfront Park is a national park completed in Washington, DC. The park stretches along the banks of the Potomac River from 31st Street, NW to the Key Bridge. There are plenty of locations for engaged couples to take advantage of. 

10. Dumbarton Oaks 

Dumbarton Oaks is a historic estate in the Georgetown neighborhood. It was the residence and garden of Robert Woods Bliss and his wife Mildred Barnes Bliss. The museum is worth the visit, and a block away is the garden of the property.