Hi, I am Elaine.

I am a photographer based in Washington, DC and the surrounding Northern Virginia and Maryland areas. Growing up in China, I've always wanted to become a comic artist. I used to draw comic characters everyday, during class, after school, at home when I was doing homework. I was quite a perfectionist; my heart never stopped desiring for improvement, which is why I used to always destroy my best drawing and tell myself "you can't be stuck, you need to do better."

When I entered college, I started my major in 2D Design, but slowly I started hating my drawings. Eventually I gave in my dream for fear, fear that I will never produce any work I'm happy with, fear that I will never be able to compete with all the better artists out there, fear I will never be able to make a living out of drawing...I changed my career. However, a part of my heart and soul is still missing. I started picking up video production, which led me to filmmaking and portrait photography. I started applying techniques for drawing into photo shooting: composition, colors, and lighting. Gradually I realized that, photoshooting is no different from making art work.

When I know that my clients are happy about the pictures I've so carefully taken and edited, I know that my art is finally seen and my dream is finally coming true. David Lynch once said, "I love money, like everybody else. But if I had to choose, I will probably choose the things I'd like to do for free."

Now, time to make YOUR dream come true

how do you picture love? How do you picture yourself being photographed? How would you like people to remember you? What feelings do you want to evoke when loved ones look at your photos?

I know my answers, and I know you can see my answer from my pictures. Everyone's journey and love is unique, now are you ready, for that love to be documented?


“The entire process working with Elaine was so easy and comfortable. We felt really relaxed at the photo shoot and she guided us well during. Even before we booked her, we saw she had an eye for photography and we were right, we loved her photos so much and truly recommend you work with her!”

“I had a great experience working with Elaine. She had a great balance of choreographed poses and acceptance of trying our suggestions. This made the shoot very fun and comfortable. She does a great job of capturing flattering angles with proper lighting. I would definitely recommend her to a friend for professional photos.”

“I can’t recommend working with Elaine more! She’s creative, her work is stunning, and she makes you feel comfortable working with her! Her photos capture the subject in a way that is stunning beautiful, but also in a way that feels real and natural! Hire Elaine!!”

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